1. Begin listening for storm updates or check National Hurricane Center updates at www.nhc.noaa.gov.
2. Fill the car’s gas tank and keep it topped off.
3. Fill propane tanks for gas grills and camp stoves.
4. Check your battery-powered equipment. A radio, lantern, flash lights… get candles
5. Preparedness plan with your household.
6. Refill prescriptions.
7. Stock canned foods, soft drinks and water.
8. Collect medical and property insurance papers, immunization records and medical records of anyone with special needs in a rugged, waterproof container. Include a few cherished mementos. If you evacuate to a friend or shelter, take these items with you.
9. If you are not in an evacuation zone, determine your “safe room” or a room that is away from windows and has walls close together.
10. Put shutters, window and door protection in place.
11. Do not trim branches or limbs from trees. These could become dangerous missiles if picked up by the wind.
12. Fill bathtubs and jugs with water. Figure on using a gallon of water per person per day. 13. If you have a pool you can always use that water to flush toilets.
14. Turn refrigerator and freezer settings to the coldest levels. Freeze water in plastic containers. Keeps thins cold even if freezer no longer runs.
15. Bring in any outdoor objects that could become projectiles in high winds: mailboxes, garbage cans, lawn furniture and garden tools.
16. Anchor anything that cannot be brought inside.
17. Install shutters or cover all your windows and doors.
18. Keep all windows closed during the storm.
19. Disconnect natural gas to individual appliances at the supply valves near each unit. Do not turn off the main gas line. Disconnect propane gas from individual appliances.
20. Remove valuable pictures and bric-a-brac from walls.
21. Wedge sliding glass doors with a bar.
22. Draw drapes and blinds.
23. Lower the water level in your pool. Turn off electricity to the pool and cover the pump equipment with waterproof material. Store child safety fences.
24. Gather your hurricane kit and stay in your safe room. Essentials for the room include your hurricane kit, sturdy shoes, something to cover your head such as a pillow or mattress and a fire extinguisher.
25. Did I mention getting some cash-out and the Pet food …

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