At RBros Green Energy, we conduct a FREE Energy Assessment of your commercial property and provide the information you need to determine if you qualify for up to a 20% annual return on investment and 5-8 year payback. Since every commercial property is unique, finding a solar contractor who gives a comprehensive energy assessment is imperative.

For businesses, it can be a constant struggle to turn a profit when high overhead costs eat into any revenue. Business owners turn to all types of cost-cutting strategies, but they often fail to overlook commercial solar panels as an option. Installing commercial panels, however, represents an incredible option for businesses who might have high utility bills, work around the clock, or just want to improve their carbon footprint and reputation as an environmentally friendly organization.


In addition to all of the environmental benefits that residential solar panels bring, installing solar panels at your business opens up a world of financial, environmental, and marketing opportunities.


of Commercial Solar Energy

Reduced operational expenses

  • If you run a business that needs to heat water, like a laundromat, or that operates a lot of machinery, then you should strongly consider commercial solar panels. By harnessing energy from the sun instead of your electric or gas source, you reduce your utility bills significantly. Especially considering the annual hike in utility rates as well as the spike in seasonal energy costs, establishing solar as your power source gives you more consistent, cost-effective energy throughout the year.

Tax incentives and rebates

  • As a business owner, you know that taking advantage of tax incentives and write-offs are a key to economic success. Just as residential homeowners can write-off their solar panels, businesses can claim up to 30 percent of their solar panel installation cost. The best part about this tax incentive is that there is no cap, which means you can claim 30 percent no matter the cost of the solar panel system. Additionally, most local governments offer subsidies and rebates for commercial solar panel installation. Call us today for specifics on your location and its rebate opportunities.

Improved business reputation

  • Given the relevance of environmental sustainability in today’s consumer landscape, establishing yourself as an environmentally friendly organization means more business. When you invest in commercial solar panels, you automatically market yourself to consumers as a considerate, modern business. You might also get media attention if you commit to going green, so joining the solar energy movement is a sure-fire way to positively promote your business.

Property and business value

  • A good investment means that the potential to make a profit exists. Installing commercial solar panels help not only to reduce general utility costs, but also to increase the value of your commercial business and property. When buyers see a building with solar panels, they see low operating expenses and incredible cash flow opportunities.

Ready to get started?

If you have considered investing in solar technology for your commercial property, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Contact RBros Green Energy today and we can help answer any of your questions as you consider commercial solar pricing and installation.